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Occupy LinkedIn scammers movement

Distro like Gentoo is open to extensive capabilities, but business solution is rendering binary redistributable more efficiently and effectively, in this way promoting on time and within budget web development products.

It’s not a bird, it’s not a plane – it’s robotics inspired free movement sort of simulation – if it was simulated – in reality it is a scammers movement to occupy LinkedIn messaging (threads), suggesting they are serious recruiters and field (industry) know-how experts, playing waiting game to recruit to some perspectivce office abroad (even overseas), but lacking general correspondence with the so called prosepct – developer.

If it was not funny, it would be weird. The screenshots won’t help in this case, showing off the worst of this case scenario, offering autocompletion suggestion to call them non responding individuals, but that’s what’s expected by a provocation – but an example is uploaded.

A scammer is polluting LinkedIn messaging thread, never responding

The way out of this (if you want, confusion), but in essence – pollution and contamination of not only LinkedIn news feed, but also of my LinkedIn inbox, contrary to, which are offering real market jobs and negotiations, but the latter is calling for help firstly to identify themselves what they are looking for – intelligence services performence, or a down to earth respond to a job query, in whilst expecting to be contacted in the future for a paying compensation jobs.

Having bought a laptop, it already changed several OSes, none of them is working business mode, only requiring additional investments to premium versions (developer suite, standard package and so on), so from this now on Gentoo is prevailing in my laptop, with default kernel, manually incorporated AMD GPU binaries and library preset; as it’s building updates from source, not to occupy the precious time of power comsunption, binary redistributables are used where possible – like XAMPP, Chrome, Libre Office and MS Code.

Not so sophisticated, folks, as it looks like, less fuss, less drink at night and problems solved.

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