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Gentoo distro IBM – Lenovo log

Gentoo distro on Lenovo SMB E565 laptop deployment log - main drive only SSD, minimal boot media screened shell connected to Wifi and updates are following.

Starting to install Gentoo from minimal installation media, as suggested by the vendor site. Updates are following. Located in a local library public reading room, internet and opening hours are limited, but better than at home, where Wifi is limited to 3 hours per day.


Gentoo media is downloaded, verified (signatures and checksum), booted and library wifi connected. Links in a screen shell is launched and Gentoo AMD64 Handbook is opened for instructions and guidance. Note that this time an ordinary SSD only will be used for laptop main drives, distancing microSD and external HDD for raw data folders, and maybe adding Dejadup auto backup processes to the stack. The main reason behind that is the extraordinary amount of additional prerequisites needed for booting up the laptop, whereas SD adapted micro card is reaching out its possibilities on boot mode and sometimes lagging behind whilst requiring reinserting it to the slot.

Booting back to installation media and coming back home for a break to continue so called startup business – IT (web development) agency in eFinances and eCommerce.


Continually installing, looks like problemless; although portage recommended to use -O2 flags, college appliances demonstrated that -O3 is perfectly fine. There is no need to release a Gentoo distro setup (a. k. a. install a laptop) with a debugging info, regardless that it’s a release stage.

So far approached Portage download and setup step, which, by the way, is added up with a target vector CPU flags infuse, meaning that besides -march=bdver4 (not -march=native to declaratively traverse down to computational architecture) a custom set of vendor specific mainboard instructions is embedded to as well.


Finally, installing – building up from source – SystemD Gnome 17.1 setup; Makeflags changed to default recommended ones – -march=native and -O2 for smoother performance. So far looks good, only CPU specific flags had to be commented out to be (maybe) retracted later, because media codecs and encoders binaries were still missing from the system, as only a stage3 tarball and portage had beed extracted and configured.

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