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Technological transfer to real estate venture

Former startup has transferred its one of the most significant NYSE-NASDAQ trading advisory platform to development stage.

Dues to the lack of money startup has transferred its former college the main development project NYSENASDAQ indexes weighted coefficients measurements set to development stage; project imported to subsidiary unit.

GitLab virtual machine is being assigned right now, probably using docker-ssh deployment template.


An available specific runner has been assigned to the project at GitLab – Runner #156307.


A dedicated local laptop runner is also added, increasing security from previously assigned docker, to docker-ssh executor. Following this article ‘probably’ terminology. Although the logging in user is root, will try to assign personal name ‘povilas’ neutral user.


An available specific runner has been enabled, following GitLab dashboard, but the reassigning username to a machine requires re-registering it in general; thus temporarily disabling it from the dashboard view; hopefully, this isn’t linear public development, because all the group hierarchy is private, runners dashboard as well.


A runner #GznY8NZ5 added to this project, indicating that laptop is docker-ssh executor owner (Povilas) user connected to the CI processes.

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