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Response to eliminated openSUSE market

GOT requiring a MS Windows client for running without additional notices is a factor denouncing eliminated openSUSE (SLED) target market static response and invoking discussions about OS maintenance.

Due to the fact, that London recruiters via LinkedIn announced they were looking for PHP developers with openSUSE experience, it was practical to install it locally to laptop and expect future applications will be successful. However, it wasn’t the case. Firstly, the action was delayed, meaning that after coming back from UK, installed it responding to expired Red Hat licence, next, it was LAN & Wifi supply problems, from drained bank account to blocking my dad’s house.

To solve this insolvency problem several actions can be taken:

  • Gentoo installation, being consulted with Microsoft co-partners
  • Microsoft Windows 8.1 shipped pre-installed re-installation

The first option looks feasible and well grounded, because I distanced from Gentoo distro since electricity supply was dropper by my landlord in UK, at least temporarily in a weekend, which can be asserted to common fluctuations. Next, it has at least partially working amdgpu-pro drivers, via overlay, using full capacity of a business distro machine.

Another option is, due to facilitated LAMP market deconstruction, come back to GOT supporting (not displaying client requirement error, even though colorfully illustrated) MS Windows 8.1. The licence is shipped, some minor differences from Linux SUSE will be apparent, but overall, MS Code cloud communication, SSH keys are usable, and, most especially, the econometric transitional modeling is present, rendering it wide capacity prone to virtualization, Docker service GitLab CI running out of the box.

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