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Target market elimination

Military industry is an exciting field, common with target destruction capabilities, although not so immediately outright visible to the new comer and observer.

Vectorized market, usually referred to as source-target players theory, in the E565 laptop dev case is eliminated. The target was LAMP development, so-called Linux, Apache HTTPd, MYSQL and PHP stack; as well known, Linux is general name standing for open-source platform, dedicated to free and unrestricted GNU Unix with desktop environment usage and dissemination; whereas the latter stack is reiterating web development practices – namely webserver (HTTPd), database – MySQL – and scripting language libraries – PHP.

What makes more sense is that although web services (apps) are running on LAMP, they can be developed with anything, from knifed tree skin to magnetic cassette tape recorder & monochrome analog TV. In this sense target market hosting is responsible for ensuring that it works in production mode, rendering it easy to say that the LAMP host is the best way to develop these stack web apps.

Furthermore, because the LAMP host cannot load GOT w/o/ the incoming displayed notices – install GOT client for smoother performance – it’s not considered to be an autonomous agent living for average enterprise runtime operations, like sales, running for profit. In this stage it’s like the target market host is replaced by MS Windows/Mac (by Apple), but in essence, in this case, Lenovo E565 coming with preinstalled Windows, it’s nonetheless the apparent opportunity to use exactly that hosting machine, without additional preparation, which is diversifying the host to the burning grounds.

Update: GOT browser client is peculiar with its solution to display the informing notice about recommended MS Windows GTarcade client only once per login session lockout, i. e. per its compensated login time frame. In this scale it’s not applicable to embed a screenshot, but will try with a private session anyway.

Update: Logged in with private session and retrieved the prize – screenshot of GTarcade modal window:

Annoying Linux (openSUSE) host Chrome GOT call for MS Windows client
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