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Fitness app dev offer

Random citizen offer commuting in a train can be lucrative agent founding negotiation - evolved into accelerated app.

Commuting in a train to London Bridge a couple of years ago received an offer – developer fitness app – mainly because had my laptop opened & booted, running PHPStorm IDE; reviewing former enterprises code, learning & looking for improvements.

A guy entered a train in some rarely inhabited region and approached me by suggesting to develop a fitness mobile app (supposedly had in mind its web version, after asking for my development area) in exchange of contact info.

This wasn’t unexpected, because the guy looked smart and open to new opportunities. That’s why I gave him my email and we decided to continue conversation afterwards. In total, it was something hilarious, because we haven’t chatted since then; the whole key element of this article is that now, possessing startup vhosts and XAMPP distro notes taking app is accelerated development stage, in this way continued to be developed, ie you want, fitness app format.

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