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SteamOS limitations and vulnearability solution

SteamOS alongside poor open-source Linux video drivers are preventing web developer from richer gaming experience and trustworthy economic solutions, like on-time and within budget eShops. MS Windows, shipped out of the box, is resolving this discrepancy.

The point is that econometric modeling is requiring material – clay, if you want, to form, e. g. eShop working only with MVC/ADR framework. It’s tiring, exhausting, requiring intense/deep knowledge not only of the framework itself but of the targeted market as well, being able to formulate a down to earth, fluent and loading out of the box software – web app, responsive, running smoothly on tablet and mobile devices.

Already discussed in a series of articles, that this resource-intensive behavior is satisfied by input of gaming experience, where economic – econometrics – models, plot, characters, intrigue, goals, benchmarks, remuneration & compensation, war & competition instances, trials & e. g. castle build-up is expressed via mathematical, statistical equations and econometric postulations, formulating economic models of trust, i. e. trustworthy, confirmed by datasets and their generation by renditions.

Besides, it’s obvious, that SteamOS is running limited capacity of engine, drivers, and games, hosted on Linux distro. To be not so tightly limited by a single factor like openSUSE, it’s solvent by Windows OS, coming with Lenovo laptop licenced, shipped together out of the box. The drawbacks are reset because XAMPP is publicly available, and virtually every app can be run on Docker/Vagrant, with native AMD KVM, although not too available on Windows, as already observed.

Anyway, even if without native KVM virtualization, licensed Windows are silencing down the GOT thrusting scam to install and use their GTArcade client for better gaming experience than Chrome browser stage. Hopefully, things will go well.

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