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Gov to business innovations & transactions

ECB is eager to use business solutions like JSON and REST APIs, stemming from MVC frameworks, including Slim.

SOAP and XML rendering is utmost priority to web development venture, funded by private funds, but lacking clear and decisive direction towards proclamation of goods and services of major supermarkets, vendors like,, and ultimately –

Due to this, it’s a starting vector to use SOAP & XML transactions, whereas companies internally used JSON & REST APIs are left over to the auditors – history of non paying enterprises is so ingrained, that not much left to add.

However, a thing may be cleared out, that government – parliament, cabinet of ministers, president and central bank also have to take example from agile startups, which are leaning towards a better reality. GraphQL is therefore a transitional status dominated (statutory) layer, facilitating app animation in terms of data moves.

The wrapping up is that although it looks like framework solutions like Slim, Laravel, Symfony and others are deviating far away from government orders (distanced from XML and SOAP), the reality is, that state central government may reflect them as well, and use it via business solutions usually upon request.

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