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Top plugins for Chrome web development

Google Chrome is highly customizable browser,; the web developer set (preset) of plugins facilitates the smooth and crisp look feeling towards production sites.

In this post I will outline my favorite plugins that I use to operate daily on web development. Not all of them are directly web debugging oriented, but majorly all the set is freelancer business targeted, either facilitating certain tasks, or automating them, or ultimately ensuring their consistent stability. Of course, not all of them will be listed there, but a preset, which is considered to be helpful.

  1. Web developer tools – usual debugging and measurements set
  2. Clear cache – it allows manually clear cache by an icon click
  3. Session Buddy – groups session tabs & windows into panels and stores them persistently
  4. The Great Suspender – suspends session tabs upon their request after some period of inactivity
  5. Gorgias templates – arranges properly emails, no need to fuss around like weirdo looking for common words – appropriate style and look alike
  6. Ultimately – Simple; containing the most outright dashboard, with current time and weather weekly forecast

Screenshots, as some Instagram user said, are the top value, but no noobs are allowed – web development with REST and SOAP consumption are key prerequisites to familiarize with the perks of the Chrome customization.

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