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Happy Halloween, folks

Halloween celebration inn Eastern (Nothern) Europe (Lithuania) is (has been) different from the last Western countries and from the whole world. The winds are changing and greetings from web developer are published to you joining this festive.

Hi everyone, nice to write to you, this time about long established festive in Western culture (i. e. countries), but relatively for the same long time stated establishing in Lithuania; namely, the celebration in Lithuania consists of two parts – the Whole Saints day, which is now called Halloween as well, and the mass common visits to cemeteries, to pay respect to the ancestors.

What makes this celebration today distinctive, besides blocked to my devices wifi, is the lack of arranged trips to close relatives, like cousins and aunts together with uncles, and the missing old good times of arrival to nearby fields for sightseeing with 3G (4G next on) mobile broadband, watching youtube videos and discussing current affairs with siblings whilst casting some joke jesting.

Anyway, had enough time to properly (following politics trends) arrange my laptop desktop (monolithic background, pathetic), Chrome outlook (Serenity & Simple dashboard), model (draw) trade application – freelance (a. k. a. remote) developer style; it will be following up term papers of FED, ECB (and Lithuania CB), as well as ICT (IT, mainly web development in social networks) sector GDP size. Also sorted out virtualization problems, which were looming, if not dooming. Such trash as GOT opposing heavy Daily 2.0, looting Buildkite are replaced by GitLab CI, offering opportunity to evolve with the current machine – business Lenovo E565.

Largely, things are good, but it doesn’t mean that Latte is replaced linguistically by the former word in philology terms, abating economics in favor of some collegian diversity in a firm.

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