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Contamination of Chrome plugins renders not GOT

GOT load up is alleviated by trash plugins unload from Chrome, like sophisticated dashboards on new tab.

Entering Chrome web store dashboards of extensions suggests you a vast amount (several, ok) plugins to install, like, e. g. advertised by Sam Ovens – dashboard to your new tab, simplistic and complex, like a variety to try out and embed.

The thing, however, is, that altogether abandoned Steam gaming (i. e. heavy one) because of non gaming, but business targeted laptop, even though with dedicated AMD R6 GPU, nominated it for online gaming experience like Game of Thrones, the clash of the latter two ones is hindering the whole concept of gaming in general.

Refusing to install a crap like Simple Weather or heavier dashboard on a new tab is solving the problem initially, works like a charm out of the box. Thumbs up 🙂

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