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Banking industry active record denomination in favor of ORM

Eloquent ORM, alongside Doctrine ORM, are occupying previously Active Record based Propel PDO management PHP library.

It’s objectively apparent that Propel ORM is state of the art technology, available affordably to every PHP developer. However, it renders differences, embodied in this price range. Security to this vendor is not of the utmost priority, leaving it vulnerable and open to outside criticism – TLS isn’t used in their website. Further aside, this library evolved from Active Record methodology, meaning that although it may seem impressive from the first sight, it ultimately is beneath what they declare – or say – lack of crypto representation in their website indicates it’s not the fully trusted solution.

An oragnizational learning (a. k. a. machine learning) shift is observed in this instance, Propel paving the way to Doctrine and Eloquent. These major criticism rebuking projects are widely used in PHP projects, whereas respective integration into frameworks is obvious as well – Symfony and Laravel, correspondingly.

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