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Smart business entities frameworkless dissilusion

Business entities vectoring is a complex process, not always hardware basis compatible. Therefore a strict attitude has to be taken, separating concerns and thus prevailing shares equity.

Consider you have to contribute to enterprise equity shares by developing a simple API, consisting of several figures CRUD operations. Nothing is less sophisticated and clearly exclaimed than this task, but in general, you encounter an obstacle – it has to be written in plain PHP, no frameworks allowed.

If it the only startup project you have, then you are doomed. You begin to develop from scratch, booting and loading up local in house framework, MySQL PDO, then arrange a set of REST CRUD Postman compatible scripts. In total it starts to run, endpoints to respond, but a drawback is visible – it is maintainable out of the box in the office, by the same colleagues you are working with.

The way out of this is delegate the startup to your counterparts, i. e. not diverge it somewhere else, but leave it the way it is. Smart developers will adapt to the less advanced colleague to maintain and develop software with customer support tickets and swift reaction to the arising issues.

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