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Non competition agreement termination & its ignited liquidity soar

Target market like stock traders and social investors web responsive app is indispensable part of business development, especially with LAMP. Triggering the correct funding TSDB VMs like InfluxDB is the critical and key solution.

Signing non-competition deal w/ former employer didn’t know that it will lead to a war zone, where all benevolent relatives like aunts and uncles, residing and working in London UK and Kaunas Lithuania will be smiling and joking in a series of meetings; willingly responding to emails, but because of their directions and advice not having neither a normal job nor entrepreneurship nor graduated from studies (majored from economics degree) without money for basic provision like food, shoes, public transport (discounted) ticket and so on.

However, with time comes smartness and agility. Its methodologies like PERT and 6 Sigma are guiding already the vast majority my taken decisions, from job applications to recruiter interviews, thanks to Alma Matter, namely KTU (UM and VMU). The concept of this talk is a separate move from dare parents to a rented flat, even though 1 room, but satisfactory highly enough to work as a business developer, specializing in LAMP stack.

What makes this the whole thing easier is the painless solution, as already mentioned, the congruently and gradually establishing non-competition, and further to the future – market players conditional agreement. With the deference threshold dissipating, it’s time wading, the user like me has more freedom to embark on funded adventures like college specialization in business, state finances and alike to be perpetrated and disillusioned. The short term, a. k. a. fast credits market is quickly evolving and yielding the gains, which are worth reaping.

To be short, lastly, even though having been blocked at home by parents from wifi, modelled a NYSE – NASDAQ indexes user social media accounts based solution, which is monitoring the data, buffering it to the InfluxDB TSDB and user ordered crawlers are parsing RSS & Twitter feeds to government (USA, remotely) ordered and funded (consider it EU if you like, FP structural funds) web mobile-responsive app. The user sees the indicating price trend and is advised on operational decisions, based on the news feeds data collected and evaluated; in short, medium and long terms, correspondingly all (in economics terms).

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