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Marketing as business subsidiary process unit

Market players aren't expecting you to come up with a bunch of critically measured ideas before starting to develop a project, it can be neutral marketing convened.

From web development perspective, accounting it as business, it’s always important to find a common sense requirements meeting enterprise project name, like, and so on, to simply read nice & work well with the market consumers.

If it’s the first project implementation step, it, from the view of business development, can be quite painful; and halting the whole development as well, because it requires deep knowledge of the target market, its participants (a. k. a. players) and sometimes SWOT analysis of them. Basically, what you can do is project it ahead, but its projectile remains intact, so that it’s the more likely neutral project, with the perspectives ahead.

Take, for example, c2c loans portal – some brainstormed names could sound like, (a. k. a. suggesting financial solutions) and fallback names suffix – .website, suggesting less open to mass consumption marketing conventions. In order to develop a corresponding website, before some more DNS options become available, there is no problem to solve this systemically – employ strategies such as (referring to Slim 4 framework), or even better – c2b2cloans-${uuidgen}.site generic convention; it’s ICT industrial and development integrated – git origin doesn’t have to refer to a the same repository, therefore it reads well to SCM users as well.

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