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Economic modelling lean away from main business course

Live renditions & web applications, implemented design patters are more sustaining economic SME development than econometric modelling, whatever lucrative it may seem.

Apparently it may seem that economic modelling, especially if downgraded to practical terms like applied economics or econometrics, is a lucrative & seductive matter. But instantaneously it becomes gradually obsolete, as although PERT graphs together with Six Sigma are maintaining it & supporting, Trello boards applied they contain considerate amount of business energy directed towards the goal of implementation of the project.

However, in this case it’s not that easy to yield benefits of this resource. Firstly, it in job application terms is only an additional personal development tool, (re)-directed towards stability, of, e. g. web dev test tasks solutions, but in general is dangerous applied to the hypothetical units, which, in this case, are the SME dev path, meaning that answers to the enterprises are considerable contribution to income increase & deviations by the side.

Therefore econometrics, its modelling is from the surface intact, OK, but deeper learning infused it’s a website running mode requirement, stating that econometrics stance modeled feasibility is not ruined per-se, but costs & expenditure applied, it’s deeply ingraining into the adventure – so called funded venture – when developer is only an additional actor, supercharging modeled behavior. In this instance E2E communication is rendered derivatives advanced, but not business features acquired.

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