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Upgraded 4g LTE to 5g differential fake

5g is becoming part of our lives, transmitting to business & individual entities. Inn this phases it's not completely clear what their designers had in mind - faster pace of innovations or conglomerated startups incorporation.

Although there are lots of Youtube & news media material stating the immediate 5g installation dates, emphasizing its stability & China’s innovations, it’s nonetheless futile probe.

Firstly, major business colleges backed up solution would be viable but it’s only business entities open to discussions. Next, business enterprises, especially corporations are slow to innovate, to enhance their stability in operations, and so called post-modern management & production methods, taken under umbrella of agility concept, are applicable to them only the the mid-long terms.

Startups, SMEs are unlikely to contribute innovating 5g, because it sounds like a scam – workers with ladders in White House, eager to install some screwed switch on the wall inside the office, but this time trans-coded outside, acting like it’s some important tangent asset.

Ultimately it’s a derivative of the so called and widely known USA-China trade deal, consisting of patent wars and increased high level competition. To some extent, measuring 5g practical applicability it looks like Soviet Union recuperation, but only in imaginary terms; added to this, an attempt to isolate linear and derived regression modelling cases from live stream, causing response of dashboard buttons from micro-services, but it relying on TSDB (ELK) and making stack literally immobile (super computing stations carrying it our); developer team investing & innovating the whole startup stake for this purpose. Nothing happens, but Chernobyl & outdated conceptual paper modeling is back on track.

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