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Exacerbated billings sums for Vodafone UK & Tele2 Lietuva

Mobile development isn't an easy occupation; it requires efforts & scalability - internet regulation strictly & contingently. Free uncontrolled mobile GSM 4G (LTE) usage is costing several - tens of times more than signed in the bilateral agreement with mobile carrier.

It’s a nominal agreement between parties – customer and GSM provider – Vodafone UK & Tele2 Lietuva in this instance – to uphold the GSM provision paid by the set terms. During studies it was 10 LT (~3 EUR) monthly payment agreement signed w/ Tele2 Lietuva, so-called Student plan; it provided around 1 GB data plan & some like hundreds of minutes & SMSes cross-national-networks in a month.

Another case was Vodafone UK medium plan signed with ~20 GB data/month. Because the data – GSM mobile internet – was the main focus of the signed deals, there was no surprise that its usage was closely monitored. In both of these cases, the malware agreements didn’t have data caps, but instead, they used it continually upon mobile device request, which wasn’t entailed into those data caps agreements.

That’s why ultimately it accounted for hundreds of LT/GBP to pay monthly, several times in a row. What a scam. Instead of providing service, discussed verbally & confirmed in written form by both parties signatures, they required to pay monthly several if not tens of times higher bills. The user had to buy himself search & find in some n-tier lower-level account settings menu entry to turn on strict data caps restrictive regulation.

Not recommended for newbies to embark on Economics studies nor development abroad w/ manually regulated GSM provider internet. The first time comers should buy Skyroam, it’s facilitating the whole dev process & distancing from tethering manually.

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