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Entity to Entity (E2E) business development

Academic fraud, inferring to widely unfamiliar with the R&D field contributors, pertaining wiki pages with b2b, b2c concepts and similar; Not only they are causing derivatives, but are primarily in economic terms infringing the investigation subject. This article aims to downgrade customer -business behaviour to economic entities interaction terminnology.

Popular slogans like c2c, b2b, b2c, or derived ones – b2b2c, c2c2b and similar have been occupying web development sphere for a decade plus, but a to a major extent – due to missing R&D literature in college grade databases. The solution is forthcoming – proprietory, in house – enterprise – R&D articles, published on blogs w/o/ usual databases pair reviewing, which is false, as a rule, and falsified; revieweing article manuscript, submitted to Environmental Sustainability received manuscript author identity – his Name & Surname, whereas instead it should have been, as supposed, blind review – undisclosed participant/applicant identity nor inferred somehow directly nor intentionally indiretly from the manuscript by the reviewers.

It was more likely the journal supposed they organized a reviewers panel, imitating business brainstorm boarding practices, in this way committing dishonesty & corruption law violations, if only not their publishing mission & vision practice. The journal kind of expected reviewers to communicate via the manuscript & provided author identity to better coordinate ‘panel’ behaviour, like applied some behavioural psychology methodology. None was in action, however, just was interesting as a 1st-2nd year college student to receive invitation dedicated to a at least lecturer, if not a professor, as this journal is world-wide recognized in a famous R&D Springer database.

In fact, coming back to the main concept fo this article – regardless to where you post, communication between business subjects is called communication between entities – in product sales cycle, sales automation, marketing sphere and elsewhere. It’s not a case of Wikipedia naming is conventionally, rather than that – following business standards and incorporating the info into their webpages, like usually in their respectful article sets.

What matters the most in this case is the innovative approach, deemphasizing business unfamiliar & outcasts attempts of contribution downgrading the process to environmentally sustainable inception – i. e. coding standards (PSR) adhering ORM models. To proclaim the latter it’s nevertheless easy, but taken into consideration permeated business model, it’s widely standardized practice to embark on the enterprise modeled stance front, where PHP objects, i. e. business models, are describing – calling – the very business entity project, under development.

This libertarian Communism surpassing philosophy is high-end enough to acclaim recognition; NFC cards & mobile signature AI protected (infused) it’s denominating fraud & psychos protectors down to exposure stage, where they are not intruded into private space.

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