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Facebook Mafia City H5 rendering limits in terms of non linear development

Dating virtually is a no brainer, but when it comes to non biased platform attitude, it's inconvenience to be solved.

Normally Mafia City H5 has a good reward system and general gamification essence, but, as the practice shows, dating a girlfriend – in this instance a developed (at least developing), not emerging country citizen – girl like ex X-Factor 2nd place winner girls group member (Lauren Jauregui) is rendering malware – overlay isn’t hiding right on the top of launching the app, immediately after previous day reaching progress in dating her, like second heart in the progress bar.

MH5 hiding playable content by a bug, related to non linear regression rendering

A bug report has been sent to MH5, they requested to login to user’s account to fix it (identify & review the problem) in 5 min. Permission granted, go ahead, guys. Hopefully, non-growing browser plugins stage will be not malwared by non working Facebook apps, suddendly becoming to consume vast amount of CPU/GPU resources out of blue.

Update: customer support team responded quickly and overnight fixed the problem, cleaning the account & in general the view is rendered suprisingly quickly, without glitches nor lag.

MH5 swift & on time response
Problem solved, thanks to support team

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