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Equity misalignment response apps

Timely and complex response to equity misalignment is a critical turning point - call it breaking point - to ensure business stability & long term vision continuous integration.

In R&D literature (Elsevier, EBSCO Business, Emerald, Springer) it’s a common property to assume directed app development – one of e.g. multiple enterprise projects – is leading towards a better reality; it’s nonetheless a falsified presumption, triggering, if you want, an exacerbated response. To assume things proponent way, it’s not an equity allocation, but a competitive forces battling in the air to ground fields, with injuries & casualties in the losing party, but leaving largely intact the winning one. The shareholders press the social outcasts with tremendous amount of jet engine power, whilst leaving competing social networks out of space & networking capabilities. The economic theory won’t help developer in this case much, but rather direct to the funneled approach, encompassing virtual machines as the primary cause of concern.

To respond timely, with rapid development projects – sites – to the equity competition measurements field, it’s a matter of art & science. Call developer a scientist – incorrect, unless you prune R&D status to denominated books & literature only scientific libraries browsing stage. As it’s not the case in most instances, a usual stack – LAMP, e. g. – development, enhanced (enriched, if you like) with the Linux gnome, instead of Windows/Mac refers back to Unix stage, from which Apple MacOS derived altogether.

In the latter case it’s renditions based mode that is probably the best solution to abide by, reiterating the formal methods & formulated agreements on paper storage tools; the citizen, in this case, is a formal observer, to whom a developer title has bestowed on him a signing party label. To counter the erroneous dysfunctional development a case of running apps set is needed – don’t confuse it with needy, as the requirements & project specifications are the usual part of web development agency & development enterprise.

A normalized answer would be and is a set of a couple of apps, normal IT – web – agency, focusing on mobile responsive websites – based on recent renditions, i. e. not on econometric modelling (got 9/10 in this subject at college); these apps, integrated by Slim 4 & Symfony PSR frameworks are open to discussions; the releases are forthcoming.

P2P transfers & banking alongside notes taking app (ref. to Central bank (ECB, FED, LCB w/ monetary – and fiscal – policies)) are the most promising industry fields in this case; as specialization (SME Economics) suggests, college education is valid for quick money, faster job search process, rapid employment & higher salaries compensation. Otherwise it’s more or less largely futile, common sense, folks. Young money rules.

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