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American business virtues vs Community & family values

Family heritage is important concept, however, when it comes to business entities, it's undoubtedly CEO & subordinates negotiating power, which is facilitated by shareholders' interests

Economic theory states (w/ o/ R&D database authors, as haven’t subscribed to them, post college times), especially in business scale, that stakeholders, such as employees (e. g. of monopoly) have negotiating power to engage in deals with employer (strengthened by trade unions) to acquire better salary and work conditions. The same is said about oligopoly and to an extent – free market usual enterprises, even though they may have evolved to intraprises – isolated from crowd noise economic entities, seeking for profit, but protected by enterprise investment & facilities.

However, when it comes to startups & established SMEs, longing to corporations, it’s inevitable to consider environmental factors, such as ‘you belong to your family’ – a. k. a. ‘get back to your parents, kid’ (, and if it doesn’t work – usual accusations of (false by default) sexual harassment, terrorism, persecution, haunting, and if it doesn’t work neither – of domestic terrorism, disconnecting internet at home (blocking devices), pursuing violence at home (a. k. a. against fictional wife) and so on.

If the latter was the case, economic business theory would’t work. Now it is at the stake of equating IT/ICT economic industry to Economics, telling that LAN/Wifi connectivity & outreach are the primary prerequisites for enterprise facility. In this case it would be futile to disband the internet block, rather suspend the freelancer so called ‘individual activity’ as registered in tax inspection, and promote some cachier career, before gaining internet connection via 4g gsm & responding to market demand in business projects (sme economics studies).

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