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Patent wars as a delusional statement

War zones are usually spotted in mass media maps, however, due to contradicting to basics of economics - macroeconomics theory - statements, these can extend beyond the boundaries.

It’s obvious that trade war with China, tensions in Hormuz strait & long escalated tensions in South China sea are signs of intensively stressful environment permeation to nuclear proliferation & lethal war topics, escalated from governments to household levels downturn. To expose these risks, associated with the immediate publicity, a rigorous scrutinization of actions and means are required.

Seldom discussed, but in a particular environment belonging side topic is corporations – already established and long running, with international subsidiaries cross continents – internal wars in the market as a result of competition. Apple vs Samsung, Xiaomi vs Microsoft and alike are open to discussions for society.

However, the important thing is patents credibility, as they are increasingly relevant in today’s environment, particularly meeting market demand needs while fighting against blocked internet, which, in household terms should be available by default in a sense of economic utility seeking unit – by a definition of general macroeconomics theory.

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