oneplus smartphonne sme umidigi

Smartphone – AI infused or camera telephoto focused?

OnePlus brand featuring cameras triplet & UmiDigi SME price oriented phone - which is the tangible value of today's current affairs?

Recently reviewing phones to buy, noticed transactions of orders history at aliexpress and saw already lost #umidigi c1 replaced by #umidigi s2, ruined by raindrops. At the moment, thinking which to choose, came across two options: #umidigi power & #umidigi s3 pro (#ai enabled).

The essential thing there is, office space, necessary attribute to an #sme – i. e. protected by #ai scenes recognizing s3 pro, perhaps should be the default choice. Another options is #OnePlus 7 Pro, featuring triplet of rear cameras. However, the latter doesn’t mean necessarily that it has embedded #ai software to use that cameras.

Ultimately, it’s a matter of savings up put aside months to come, or integrated business enterprise development, with #umidigi brand.

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