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Brazil Hyperloop – science fiction or virtual reality?

Several years ago Elon Musk one of companies Boring announced they were building cross USA sprawling Hyperloop transportation grid – i. e. railway fast – bullet (#tgv in France) upgrade – near vacuum zone gliding supersonic train, reaching up to 1300 km/h long range stable speed. It already reached units phase, where short range tunnel is build and trains (tubes of pods) are passing.

The essential thing, however, is whether it will pass from established and already (franchised & licensed) UAE phase to Brazil market, as reported. Of course, licences are bought (from Tesla), plants are opened, looks like work should begin.

Added to this, is the costs analysis and innovation mechanisms that are being paid as a form of compensation, instead of focusing on dividends and shareholders. It should and is resembled by software (#web – #php including) developers, who are claiming their drinks, beverage & apparel via same manner, cast off companies, thrown to public libraries & happspaces, forgetting about basic consumption of #youtube & #socialmedia content in a private room, i. e. not sleeping in office space 24h a day.

At the end, it’s not a mind game, nor a blame, waiting game in general – at all. Primarily, investment sources (whether its #crypto currency, dollar, euro or another regular currency) should be identified, #ai checks passed and ultimately company benefits be tangible at least in angellist, remoteok and other usual job portals (indeed, reed) cases.

It’s student isic, if not country residence #euroid compatible decision, not adhering to non obligatory boringssl contributory integration to their source repositories (diverging from openssl, gnutls), like protection by #vpn is the only solution to prevent scam & fanatic extremism conglomerating in non traditional modernism ways. Anyway, transfer mechanism in finances is about balancing #credit & #debit, assigned values by the environment (conditions) are the question & specialization problem.

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