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Key parts of integral business solution

It’s usually assumed that marketing constitute major competing power in most of the markets, and it’s illustrated by so called marketers on the field, installing wind power plants, thus denominating the whole development area in innovative green energy industry decentralized of centrifuges to the sideways.

Wind energy marketer in business city center office

On the contrary, marketing, if considering the whole business product life cycle, is the release stage monument, but not even considerate to approaching the full scale of development. It’s a well known scheme of market share distribution – leader, followed by guys, who are of the same economic area, but willing to hold less responsibility on their stakes for the business risk investments return.

In this case employees – supervised by marketers are open to discussions whether they promote their chief, or are organized into sub-business materials to perform certain tasks. Holistically it’s called marketing, with attribution to wind energy power plants being deployed under construction to the target sites, like in norther Sweden. In turn, specializing in small medium business development (reachable with lower initial capital statement) are eager to examine & explore opportunities in different markets, or their arrays, to gauge the beneficial – best output schemes of sales and profit, but coincide with the term marketing – marketers – fed by the whole industry encompassing #r&d, #qa, #demoshow, #installation & #maintenance.

Put apart concepts like #solid & #ddd, which are relative to the source point regarding their (anti) pattern status, from economic perspective entity constitutes the essential objective part of development domain, oriented towards profit and access rights protection instantiated. There is nothing peculiar about this development, because entities and their relations (connections in #nosql conceptual area) are modeled in #pert compatible charts, then database loaded (e. g. tables in #mysql format) and #orm (e. g. doctrine) applied, importing mapping files, then generating actual #php entities, which is quite simple.

In general, nonsense about marketing stuff preoccupying the whole development – product life cycle (even in pre-release stages) are rather inadequate, sounds like sanity checks failed conglomeration conceptual communication in sketches. All in all, ubiquitous #gitflow #scm (source control management)/#rcs (revision control system) systematic upgrade to applicability in its own field is the already necessary prerequisite for fluent and #jira boards maintainable development stages. It’s non repository fault for incumbent marketer’s envisage of opportunities unused, chances not taken, resources non exploited, it’s rather hacking domain, already causing terrorism problems.

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