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Money vs passion job interview discussion

It’s abominable to state, but having average paying job at getcujo.com as financially stable & paying off #lamp development venture, already having rejected/passed through blockchain tech enterprise offer. However, as they were paying 600 (after taxes) euros/month, whereas they had 2 #php developers in total, one for #b2c, and for #b2b, respectively, paying 3000 for the former per month, it was from my sight disqualifying for the normal work, based on agreements with #cto or similar guy in the company.

I’m not a statistics super fan (more likely econometrics), but when it comes to negotiations & deals, a minimal salary requested is 600 eur per month, although good quality based developers are paid up to 3000 eur/months, sometimes up to 200k/year. Then, measuring average enterprise paid compensation for php developers, it was obvious, that it was 3k, now to downgrade it to nearby sitting colleague 5 times is invoking discussions, but is attributed to company grown in house developer perspective, although not negotiated and not dealt with.

From #php development #sme perspective, revoking future prospects to retain low paid, a. k. a. low qualified developer status up to the pension, is already boringly familiar. You, as soon to be graduate student request lower entry level salary, but time’s running and you are expecting to be paid non discriminate, indifferent qualities, skills, experience & attitude salary/compensation to your colleagues, who are of the same development field, also recently graduated and so on.

With this context moving to another job you the arrange a #skype call with a company looking for remote freelance #php developers, and in the midst of it are asked – ‘it’s your passion, Povilas?’ – i. e. to develop #php, #lamp and #ecommerce – #efinance websites, microservices and mobile responsive applications. No, madam, it’s my job daily routine, it’s work for money, the main source of income, turnover, compensation and other synonyms you may diverge. What a fake & stupid question posed – like it was developer’s free time to engage in most stressing industry (#ict enterprises) for the sake of some hobbies, passions, likes & dislikes.

It was the open source promotion, not extremely hard coding standards (#psr & #ecma), widely established and operating companies, office perks like snacks, foosball, Friday beers, squash, console gaming tournaments and similar stuff, not a war zone battlefield internet cut off in some remote county town, super clarifying your duties & responsibilities.

Essentially, if not money, then none of drivers would encourage me to work for profit, for bank transactions, notified by #sms from #ebanking settings set .It’s not #chernobyl incident, it’s your waste of time & charity organizations plea for help, not a usual free market job interview; your definitions cramming, demystifying of basic economics & development concepts, before you arrange the talk, because #lithuania isn’t a superstate you imagine, it doesn’t redraw demand, supply, job market and other basic high school & college 1st year taught economic, job seeker & employee terms.

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