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#chrome streams dis-abiding to so to be #incognito mode enterprise

From the first sight your mommy told and your learned etiquette norms such as:

  • do not browse web
  • do not use social media
  • do not watch #youtube
  • do not chat online

while working on site, i. e. in #ecommerce enterprise, such as #advansys (Reading, UK)

It’s common security policy of #eshopping enterprises, subtracting their focus to employees daily routines monitoring in office space, but limiting their scope to non intrusive measurements, like verbal pledge.

Unfortunate for them and similar field companies, it’s nonetheless web development industry, which is formed of college groups, encompassing broad range of actors, including rebels & out of the box thinkers. To restrict content watched, streamed and interacted with via browser on work #pc #cto has to instruct developers clearly and smoothly, leaving music streaming the matter of their cell phones.

However, a minor trifle comes there to disturb this peaceful conglomeration – #chrome & #firefox registered account #cloud sync. #rss feeds, #youtube channels & alike are reachable & continually popping out notifications to your screen, unless you

  1. Use your organization email provisioning, distancing developers from their personal accounts & simultaneously – cloud
  2. Strictly adhere to preset & predefined policy to use only common enterprise #pcs, thus disallowing developers to work on their own #machines – i. e. laptops

As the layers of security are complex, it’s then becoming unrelated to formulated & formed college fields & studies established startups, where developers are free & open to bring in their #laptops, #lamp & #xampp stack consistent, configured & running out of the box. Anyway, it’s feedback mechanism related, when #chrome & #spotify streaming – music & notifications – are inherent part of your everyday work, leveraging enterprise conceptual model in return.

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