Studying #economics it was a temptation to embark on scientific #r&d papers publishing from local student conferences like e. g. in #kiev, to #icem across #eu. Participant/applicant has to arrange an article, usually up to several pages, which is then pair reviewed and if accepted, submitted for official publications. You are in return invited for presentation on site in the hosting city, like, e. g. #riga, are assigned to some panel and ultimately present your paper in slides format. Besides, you are listed in proceedings, catch an eye of international organizations and lobbyists, who are enlisting you in #ideas #repec, labeling you your country professional #economist and so on.

The minor dis consent, is, however, the promotional status you are entitled to, newly established international journals on economics like #asers republishing your articles, and your amateur student style and type affair with #ukraine and #kiev is fading away, dissipating to deep waters, but without your participation, #phd candidates continually pursuing their degree in professional #icem like events, leaving you the only #bachelor student in their conferences. It’s not compulsory to participate, of course, but it damages your student track record and alike if not reacted on time and correspondingly. For example, when #asers asked to extend republished article and publish it in their some serious book, it wasn’t clear at all what they were meaning – republishing rights confirmation, or that article improvement for their grace to publish it by themselves? Anyway, it not only was it confusing, but it seemed like their were outside their interest sphere, intervening in #icem internal procedures and long time established publishing practices.

The interesting topic, by the way, is their (#asers) proclaimed #neuroeconomics study field, indicating or just assisting applicants not to bother with current affairs #r&d practical implications taking on articles, but rather inherently give in to mainstream flow of their mind games/control of the publishing process. #interdisciplinary, #multidisciplinary and alike approaches/methods are boasted to be most state of the art techniques, but are leaning towards #abughraib in #iraq secret death prison of #usa, where you have the only chance besides capital punishment after years of imprisonment – obey. In the latter case it means publish your problems and receive (mental) treatment in the nearby section of the journal. Doesn’t sound compromising? Definitely not, but is alluring from the first sight, like you (student) would be collecting scores for some international exam for some joint venture and trips abroad with a group of contemporaries.

To sum up, weird attractions of under cyber attak #icem side-kicked #asers are resembling maybe only fellow #french #vmu classes (attendee as free listener from #ktu) former (at that time) #it student Justinas’ major, who switched to #psychology, attained bachelor degree and moved to work and study to #belgium some #r&d center/institute. He would be interested in such stories with #asers and #icem economic actors, giving away incentives for prospective students to envisage tendencies in fields that are similar from the first sight, but dangerously remote in the whole picture.

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