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Discommunicate #php development #smes

Seldom communication, messaging, interaction is perceived normal in a distorted environment, when one of parties isn’t responding nor indicating the abandoned chatting status by blocking the other side or removing from their connections list. Essentially, this would be normal practice when #facebook blocks verification requiring outsiders, #skype contacts are removing you from your friends and #linkedin members are blocking you.

As a matter of fact, #smes in #ecommerce & #efinance, #greenenergy fields don’t hold it accountable nor applicable to their cases. It’s usual practice to request for a test technical task solution (purportedly for their evaluation), then not answer to any further detailization requests and ultimately refuse to provide email to grant them access to the solution #git #bitbucket repository. Sounds funny or ridiculous? Smile is melting away with the company leaving the #thread status quo’ed, but the worse case is #email status, leaving you the only respondent in the thread, making it look weird, like the only commentator in some random #facebook post.

Not only it infuses 3rd party members to amaze, gaze and be spooked by your eagerness & enthusiasm to continually mal-use, spam and promote your scams responding to thread the only participant of the chat, but it also discourages your future applications from further forward proceeding; the status unchanged, company faked their enterprise image and polluted #php job ads sphere, but their commonalities with the integral continued job searching developer are dissipating, i. e. they are simply not passing #ai checks. Entrance (#nfc) card granting access to #sme property, i. e. office building and #cabinet (room) with desk and a #lamp laptop setup on it is missing from their disposals. Amazing, but sad at the same time, especially if published widespread in #socialmedia.

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