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Deprecation limited by abandonment practicing #ecommerce #sme reverse

#Erroneous or not, but the internal #sme, selling #ecommerce portals (storeexpress.com) practice to take on onextremely outdated #classicasp for newly to be released their products (even their base like #cms + #eshop) is regarded negatively from customer side if unveiled to them with sales information. Primarily, this indicates that enterprise isn’t capable of solving complex issues, what is considered ultimate concern of #ict #it industry economic sector company, putting aside other issues as irrelevant. Sequentially, it isn’t able to solve anything more than hardware problems, as #pc bought, #win8 installed and even #dotnet framework isn’t required/needed to be added on, as the developer immediately switches to #iis server #classicasp communication modules, software intact from decades ago. Be it code refactoring, understood all is ok, now, when it’s simply procrastinating with primary school #turbopascal or #logos programming language high school circle, rather that participating in #ecommerce market with #lamp, so called #php, it’s nonetheless isolated space for salary compensation ‘back to the past’ cinematic simulation. Not only it sounds ridiculous, it’s already hardly arguable, as #augmentedreality contest winners are coding among your colleagues.

What makes more sense is single page – bear it – not application, but code, i. e. not #spa, practiced by this #sme unveiling how they intervene (into #ecommerce market) suggesting their solutions, practically not viable, but looking awesome (default.asp containing the majority of source code). Nothing to be said, however, about #css3 & #html5 frontend, but it’s only a skin, business backend logic implementation, which is in harsh terms – rotten, so kind of costs saving solution? Sounds to be like, but in general, when you are saving at your even short term logistics, it sounds unclear what you are trying to achieve, and what markets to penetrate in the medium term.

Unsurprisingly, employees have been leaving the same day and week they arrived, appalling management department, namely hardly tech – i. e. #development related guys, unfamiliar with any of #classicasp and #dotnet concepts, leaving aside #dotnet frameworks. The coding test for application was from #w3schools thematics, leaving developers in awe, as usually recruiters/enterprises assign a detailed task of running application of complicated, full of traps, #gotchas & multiple choice tests, usual and even boring as #statistics lectures. This wasn’t the case, as predicted, but the job ad sounded similar to usual web developer stuff, so generally it was an exception in the whole market.

To be concise, it can be said that nothing is not fixable, but in this case it is a precautionary warning/note to be exclaimed that outdated tales about #titanic are constrained by #geotags, street address and job ads, dealing with their practitioners by specialists, namely from #almamatter – #ktu college in the first place. Hopefully, the bright future, signified by their paid bonuses is likely to be continued without explicit excesses.

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