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Native html support drop consecutively by #stripe and developer roles shift in response of employees #turnover

Economic theory applies that economic discontent of conflicting situations, where parties have reached agreement, but not abiding to it (objectively, measured by qualitative & quantitative means) is solvable by a responsive (formerly – reactive) measurements by a losing party to win 0 sum game. However, in this mode it isn’t too predictive the losing party gains, achievements – in this instance developer by contract compensation in a form of #ebanking direct transaction. What makes more sense is universal #socioeconomics model for arguing parties to follow up as the last wanted care option.

In this model to arrive to definitions scale it’s important #ai impact, measuring developers ability to flexibly reach contract agreement and to proceed to business development, so called career. If the developer advances without precautionary warning, notice or whatever form of game it is, the former #sme may run after him chasing for the lost turnover if not profit. However, in this context turnover may be used in a different context – pace of employees change (in department, enterprise or sub-unit). In this instance it’s then vital to understand consequences, coherent #gitflow reviews and similar stuff, because your colleague taking over your work may be dissatisfied by your non-repaying policy with which you leave for the next so called adventure. In these circumstances it’s of course necessary to evaluate that compensation/equity/remuneration policy practices by your employer is changing rapidly but applied to you is information, dialogue and discussion open to concern.

In a particular example was paying childishly discriminatory rate, 5 times (net) lower than for different branch (#b2b – #b2c) embarked on the same cabinet colleague, in this way infringing lots of common practices, not only causing dissemination based their #sme denomination. Whilst leaving these sportsmen #stripe messaged (updated their docs) that they no longer support native #html in payment forms, however, instead, they offer their own cloud forms. As the already developed (assigned and submitted after commits) work was legacy #stripe acute, it was necessary to update forms, but at the cost of what? Normal paid salary to developers – of course, no tragedy, change your terms & conditions and the new reality is applied. As readers may guess, this wasn’t the case, they were continually rejecting negotiations in general, leaving the status quo w/o/ perspectives and unchanged.

In this regard, the obvious losses were sustained by, who not only experienced the whole #php team developers turnover straight away (both left the #sme in 2 weeks term), but they had to reassign the tasks of underdeveloped form transitional formation to paradigm shift stripe cloud mode, leaving backlog untouched & increasing, with their dream team – sales managers – unable to communicate tasks clearly to the newcomers (team replacement).

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