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Transient economics #TSDB scale

As noted before, it’s unlikely that development stack, whether it is eCommerce, eFinance, or simply adaptive – responsive #WP websites, are fueled enough with developer’s imagination, left alone his tactics to embark on foreign policy affairs via #youtube videos, free time trading or self-promoted various techniques encapsulating home-made projects. Hard core fans embroil in #steam gaming with dedicated for that purpose acquired gaming like #MSI laptops, which as a rule happen to be one of the most expensive in the country. Of course, that attitude is benevolent to the enterprise evaluating by a multitude of criteria, but it is mainly dispatched from business main area, or sector, whatever you call it. Gaming, laptop isn’t welcome in enterprise, it’s stored separately in a respectful desk section, holding accountable all the landlord renters.

At this stake it’s worth considering Lenovo SMB (or other manufacturer/vendor) special purpose laptop, shipped with Windows, reinstall it to native Linux optionally and add up #LAMP/#WAMP stack on it. In this sense it’s vital not to forget gaming aspects of it. Although many #steam games run on #SteamOS, which transposes to #Linux as well, it’s nevertheless rather a hard task, requiring preparations and likely a separate #HDD for this teleology. It’s then rather easily solved by browser games, including #Facebook platform hosted, of which some are sponsored by #steam as well, like Conflict of Nations, for example. In this scale several such browser games constitute a major advantage over non gaming developers for LAMP frameworks development, entangling it with #TSDB approach economic models transient transposition.

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