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Utopic correspondence with recruiters & SMES

For the last 2 years actively looking for PHP LAMP stak developer job and continually having to proove something out of blue, like internet necessity for the home office etc. is exhausting and tiring, making the developer to abate sustainable development practices as part of completed – shots squared – college course. The last couple of examples can be debilitating, but grounded on correspondence via email, Skype and other means of communications. Former employer has been blocked (coffee machines reseller – retailer) for not having enough office space and home office of the developer left without wifi (by house admin) and another one – subsequentially misinformed about the job opportunity prolonging it for months and weeks without a descriptive – clear, concice, understandable, apparent – response to the scheduled interviews and arranged job talks. Equated to non country of discussion citizen? Deliberate disturbing competition based destruction or somehing else? What makes a developer with studies laptop unsuitable for intensive load and large scale projects to be upgraded to Lenovo 10 Cores business one and proceed to the LAMP orders, as its development has been the main source of income for the study years – courses. Non free market forces, definitely.

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