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Gnome abated in favor of SUSE default KDE-openbox

As recently noted, the question was risen, whether to use #GNOME (#Gentoo, #SUSE) or stick to default SUSE KDE (openbox). The essential topic in this instance is that because of so called misunderstandings or just the lack of proficiency in English the most recent foreign London contract CC (@Elixir) has been missed (compromised) and since then problems in that enterprise with #Lenovo #E565 have been solved with stabilizing #openSUSE #SD with the prospects to upgrade to #SLED (enterprise desktop). #HDD (external) has been configured, partitioned #LVM added and in general view outlined well.

At this moment, however, the so to say obvious solution is to stick to currently installed, themed & flavored #KDE #openbox #breezeSolarizedLight (#ASOT #lighterThanTheAir clip – stakeholders approach) and #darkChocolate snippets. The main reason for this is the concurrent demands aggregated augmentation with the lack of internet – house admin blocked #MAC and the inferred in turn stability escalation with the status quo preference in terms of payments congruence..

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