With freelancing to CUJO it was a choice to install, setup, use & utilize #GNOME #DE to #Gentoo at that moment distro, basing the decision making process on memory consumption metrics emphasizing heavy weight DEs like #KDE & #GNOME to embark on so called real or non scripting intensive consumption requiring laptop (for such simple things as background, volume icon, start menu etc), and referencing #GNOME to my #Economics major (KTU).

However, following former colleague from CUJO to London for contracting the laptop began to struggle with Gentoo updates and #Wayland GNOME login screen (#gdm #xdg), making it flicker several times before logging in, and that wasn’t met favorably in Challenger Consultancy, my employer for contract role with #Laravel framework. As reinstalling DE upgrade to another one in essence costs the whole laptop OS setup for Gentoo, there was nothing much to be guided by for a DEs average user & developer, but to postpone switching to #KDE later on.

As contract roles passed by, angry home owners daring to switch power supply off while laptop left for update, it was reconsidered to elevate #SUSE for smoother (quicker) setup and risk management, staying with its default KDE suggestion. Enterprise progressing, RAM consumption was optimized to openbox, namely its derivative openbox-kde, which was a couple of clicks away from the stable #DE running with the #GTO #Chrome running adjacently – i. e. smoothly.

It’s the readers’ opinion & verdict whether for the sake of business enterprise development & utility it’s worth alleviating the dev stack process – progress to the status unchanged rhetoric – asserting transition mode Gentoo GNOME – SUSE KDE openbox, but risk leveraging definitely is in place, which in economic terms may be referred as non-costs efficient breaking point de-exaggeration in the form of stability, contributed by a factor of #SD #LVM (#UHS 3 II). In practice will reconsider this setup for the favor of Challenger Consultancy role base setup.

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