In the 2nd largest Lithuania (Eastern EU) an ordinary public library wifi – also known as public wifi isn’t accessible by an ordinary developer Lenovo E565 small business laptop, because (as explained by the tech. support guy) it uses openSUSE instead of Windows. How they said – ‘we don’t use ordinary DNS via gateway approach, but allocate it somehow exceptionally’ – probing general concept of accessible wifi without interrogating for firewalls, antivirus software and similar consisting laptop containers.

What’s more amusing is that he – support guy Eugenijus – claimed it was for the general use of public interest, disclaiming unwanted content from their wifi access points. Was that coincident, or is LAMP development orders stack unwanted in the city? As the openSUSE doesn’t specialize in the LAMP development sector, it isn’t unattainable idea that generically everything that isn’t beginner’s (not necessarily in nuclear proliferation as suggested) first level guide to a better understanding of computer literacy is avoided in the major conglomerates (public sphere) in Lithuania.

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