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EU FP7-FP8 dedicated non-exploitation

AMD 10 Cores E565 business laptop is keen to be processed as Gentoo target machine, especially considered amdgpu-pro (proprietory) divers availability to be built from source. However, although (initially stage3 gentoo takes resources to build) the OS runs smoothly, LAMP is build correctly, but the essential part is missing – the amdgpu-pro drivers on GNOME super meta screen layer.

To solve this issue the necessary actions are taken – AMD drivers are downloaded, extracted and build following the instructions. Although overlays can be used, but building from vendor source is more reliable and smooth. Divers are installed, kernel modules build and activated, off to go – the system should be running fine.

At a glance, this is the case. However, although my colleage Mantas at CUJO is pro this setup, impressed by 2 Dell HD monitors + laptop resolution swift entanglement by Chrome Youtube played video move alongside the monitors and full screen look, whilst ELK monitoring LAMP stacks running with PHP Storm IDE, the stability of those drivers soon turned into a problem.

In a couple of months, if not weeks, the whole situation turned into a mess. Upon running the OS some ordinary time, it got stuck upon the boot, saying thet there was a problem with the drivers setup. Therefore, if considering EU FP7 – FP8 finance programmes, which are mainly focused on video screens development & production, the USA hosted AMD company vendored amdgpu-pro drivers are missing the main criteria – versatile running stability.

Of course, the scientific method isn’t applied there, miscomprising the situated array of research publication status, but the whole concept is clear enough – void the specifically misaligned drivers so that them not to contaminate your setup with the additional measuring requirements, such as dd backup restoration before critical moments, forcing you (developer) to be responsible for erroneous output backup & restoration handling.

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